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Getting Unlimited Free Cloud Storage Made Easy

Experiencing Symform’s revolutionary economics begins with a free account, where you start with 10 GB of cloud storage free for life. Getting unlimited free cloud storage is easy – the only thing you need to do is contribute some of your excess local drive space to the Symform network.
Earning Unlimited Free Cloud Storage

Getting Free Storage with Contribution is Easy

Symform is easy to setup, with point-and-drag simplicity. You choose the files you want to store, as well as a drive or device from which you want to contribute. Technology resellers and consultants in our partner program can contribute on behalf of their customers. There is no limit to how much free cloud storage and backup you can earn by contributing.

Dedicated Device Contribution

Have an extra device that you want to put to work as your personal cloud storage unit? Symform allows users to set up contribution only devices, giving you maximum storage possibilities for your extra device. Devices that upload files to the cloud do not have to be the same devices that contribute excess local drive space to the cloud.

Earn free cloud storage

Earn free cloud storage

Your Files Are Protected

Cloud File Storage

To make sure your files are protected and available when you need them, we build redundancy into the data you store in the cloud. You just have to contribute local drive space equal to 2x the amount of data you want to store in the Symform cloud! For example, if you want to store 50 GB, you just contribute 100 GB of local drive space to the network.

How to Get Unlimited Free Cloud Backup

Getting as much free cloud backup as you need is as easy as Download, Set Up, and Contribute.  Once you start contributing, you can scale as quickly or slowly as you’d like.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get my free account?

It’s easy! Downloading and setting up the software is a 5 minute process. We start you off with 10 GB and then give you unlimited online backup based on your contribution. Getting started is simple so download now!

How long can I keep my free account?

Your free account is yours indefinitely, as long as you abide by our terms and conditions and keep your storage-to-contribution ratio at the required level. There is no limit to the amount of free cloud storage you can earn by contributing local drive space.

Can I share, gift, or sell my free account?

At this time we don’t offer a way to share your account with or contribute on behalf of others, though we plan to add these features in the future. We do work with resellers, such as managed service providers (MSP), value added resellers (VAR) and other solution providers, through our Partner Program.

How does Symform make money?

Many users contribute local drive space equal to 2x their cloud backup needs. Those users get to store all their data for no monetary charge. Even after accounting for redundancy, we end up with a net surplus of cloud storage. We resell that storage to users who wish to pay for some or all of their cloud storage. See our Plans & Pricing to learn more.

Have more questions? Check out our expanded FAQ and the Symform Community.