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Revolutionary Cloud Architecture

Our patented Resilient Storage Architecture powers the Symform process of encrypting, shredding, and geographically dispersing each piece of data redundantly to thousands of locations around the world. This architecture ensures Symform provides secure cloud storage.

“When you do the analysis, the decentralized Symform solution provides a very secure and durable architecture.”

- Ginny Roth, Lab Engineer and Analyst, ESG

Resilient Storage Architecture Key Elements

Data Encryption

Symform automatically encrypts each folder using a federally certified AES-256 encryption algorithm (federal minimum is 128 bit encryption – 256 bit encryption is exponentially stronger). Symform’s security procedure goes the extra mile by encrypting your data before it is uploaded to the encrypted cloud storage.

Key Management

Many cloud storage vendors offer the ability to encrypt data before storing it. However, encryption is only as good as the strength of the key used. Human-generated keys are easy to break and hard to manage. Symform creates and manages a unique key for each folder. Symform’s cloud storage security ensures that even in situations where customer keys are compromised, the data will still be secure.

RAID 96 Redundancy

RAID is a storage architecture that provides increased reliability and functions through redundancy. It’s common to hear of RAID 5 or 6, but Symform utilizes cloud RAID 96. This innovative approach subdivides each encrypted block into 96 redundant fragments, and any 64 of those fragments are sufficient to restore the encrypted block.

Geographic Distribution

96 data fragments are stored on 96 unique devices in different locations around the globe. The data fragments are distributed over parallel Internet connections, resulting in faster transfer speed.

Free Storage by Contributing

Datacenter studies show that, on average, only 15 percent of server space is utilized. Most hard drives end up getting recycled with 50 percent of their disk space unused. This means that there’s a lot of data storage capacity going to waste. Symform’s Resilient Storage Architecture harnesses this existing unused capacity and turns it into valuable cloud storage. Contribute unused, already-paid-for local drive space, and in return you receive highly secure RAID cloud storage. Symform’s distributed RAID architecture allows users to realize the advantages of the cloud at the cost of local storage.

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