Cloud Storage Partner Program

No Contracts. No Commitments. Set Your Own Pricing.

Symform Solves a Business and Technical Challenge

Symform provides a cloud partner program for MSPs, VARs, IT consultants and other IT service providers. We offer our Partners the ability to get unlimited free cloud storage to protect their customers’ critical data. Online backup reseller partners who contribute excess local drive space receive the Symform service for free while charging their clients for the management and expertise they provide. This allows Symform Partners to achieve effectively infinite margins.

Benefits of Joining Our Cloud Reseller Program Include:

  • Profitable, Recurring Revenue
    • We create a unique opportunity for cloud backup resellers to generate recurring monthly revenue with no monetary investment.
    • Our no- or low-cost solution translates into high value for your customers and more profit for you. Everyone wins.
  • Advantageous for all your customers
    • Every one of your customers needs a data backup plan that doesn’t cost a fortune.
    • Our solution is affordable for your entire customer base.
  • Extend your current services
    • It’s easy to add Symform’s cloud backup solution to an existing on-premise backup system.  We’re compatible with most local backup software applications.
    • Cloud storage resellers can bundle Symform with your other managed services to create a comprehensive solution.
  • Low cost of support
    • Symform’s high level of automation ensures that we’re easy to implement and maintain.
    • “Set and forget” is the name of the game.

How Symform’s Partner Program Works

Our Partner program is pretty straight forward. The software gives cloud resellers some additional options for grouping devices by customer and the ability to deliver daily status reports to customers by email. The Partner must install and manage the software on each client device. Customers can’t access the software to make changes, though they can see the current status via a status icon on their device. Most of our Partners choose to contribute on behalf of their clients from a single location, but some set up contribution at each client office. Others choose to pay for some or all of their storage needs with one of our affordable pricing plans. There is no difference in pricing for Partners. There is no initial payment, minimums, or agreement required. If you contribute enough to cover all your customers’ cloud storage use you don’t have to pay us a penny.

To get started simply download the software and install it on a device to setup the account. Then click the “submit a request” link at the Symform Community site and we will make the necessary changes to mark you as a Partner.