Symform Continues to Innovate Cloud Storage Network and Peer-to-Peer Model with Faster Data Backup and Enhanced Security & Privacy

Seattle, Wash. – July 17, 2012Symform, a revolutionary cloud storage and backup service, today announced enhancements to its Cloud Storage Network that improve the performance, security and international capabilities of Symform’s innovative peer-to-peer backup model. The new version accelerates data upload times for large data sets, offers more options for privacy control and supports long file path names and international characters. These features are in direct response to the global adoption of Symform’s Cloud Network by small and medium businesses in 150 countries and the continued explosive growth of digital data needing to be protected and stored.

“At Symform, we are constantly searching for new and better ways to serve our fast-growing global customer base by offering a solution that is widely accessible and more affordable than costly, traditional cloud storage models,” said Praerit Garg, president and co-founder of Symform. “We take pride in offering the industry’s first decentralized cloud back-up and storage solution, and are continuing to innovate and perfect that model with each new release.”

In a recent Symform survey, respondents overwhelmingly cited the cost of cloud storage as a top concern, particularly among resource-strapped small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). Symform offers a dramatic alternative to traditional ‘data center-reliant’ cloud storage models, using a peer-to-peer network of contributors and consumers that keeps costs to a minimum while ensuring the highest levels of security and reliability.

With this release, Symform continues to innovate its Cloud Storage Network with the following capabilities:

  • Faster Data Backup: Symform has made major updates to its synchronization engine and device software, resulting in more efficient and faster data backup to the cloud from Windows, Mac and QNAP NAS devices. Symform also updated its API (application programming interface) that enables Web-based communication between devices and Symform Cloud Control, setting the foundation for additional API and integration work.
  • Privacy and Security Enhancements: Folder-based global de-duplication of files solves potential privacy problems that vex other cloud storage and backup vendors. These features ensure that a potential attacker cannot infer whether a target has stored a particular file in the cloud.
  • Long File Path & International Character Support: Provides the capability to handle long file path names and international characters in folder names to make it easy for users worldwide to have consistent naming schemas when backing up all folders into the Symform cloud.