Contribute for Unlimited Free Cloud Storage

Get unlimited free cloud storage and backup easily by contributing the excess local drive space you have on your device.

Contribute Unused Storage

Get free cloud storage when you allocate unused space on your device for your Symform account. Users that contribute get 1 GB cloud storage free for every 2 GB of local storage contributed. The 2 to 1 ratio covers the redundancy we build in to protect your data. Contribution can always be fine tuned for your personal needs. When you contribute you turn a hard drive into free space in cloud storage.

Unlimited Free Cloud Storage

No Limit to Free Cloud Storage and Backup

Most people have excess drive space on their devices. How much free space do you have?

Cloud storage free by contributing

Unlimited Cloud Storage Free

Combine Pay & Contribution

If you can’t contribute enough to cover all your free storage cloud needs we offer affordable cloud storage pricing plans to supplement your free online storage. Combine Pay and Contribution for the ultimate affordable cloud storage plan.

Dedicated Contribution

Have an extra device that you want to put to work as your personal cloud storage unit? Symform allows users to set up contribution-only devices, giving you free unlimited cloud storage possibilities for your extra device.

Personal cloud storage service