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Achieving HIPAA Compliant Cloud Backup

There continues to be a great deal of confusion about how HIPAA applies to backup and disaster recovery (BDR).┬áToday, no HIPAA “compliance certification” exists for backup applications, cloud storage, or disaster recovery services. That being said, Symform can help you maintain your HIPAA compliant storage and achieve secure online backup by adhering to the rules, guidelines and principles inherent in the compliance mandate, particularly related to data encryption and secure data transfer.
HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage

HIPAA Final Security Rule Compliance

The Final Security Rule is the one part of HIPAA that can apply to the backup and disaster recovery services that Symform offers. The Final Security Rule governs the processes that should be used to keep Protected Health Information (PHI) safe. It requires that Covered Entities–our customers–have sufficient Administrative Procedures, Physical Safeguards, and Technical Safeguards to protect access to PHI. See how our secure cloud storage works.

Our HIPAA Cloud Storage Provides:


Establishment of clear access control policies, procedures, and technology to restrict who has authorized access to PHI.


Establishment of restricted and locked areas where PHI is stored.


Establishment of appropriate data backup, disaster recovery, and emergency operation strategies.


Establishment of technical security mechanisms, such as encryption, to protect data that is transmitted through a network.

HIPAA Compliance Resources:

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Free HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage

Symform starts every user off with 10 GB totally free for life. You can earn unlimited free cloud storage by contributing local drive space. Symform is the only HIPAA storage provider that can help you achieve unlimited HIPAA compliant online backup without spending any money.