What You Can Learn from Dan Woods

Dan Woods, columnist for Forbes and CTO at CITO Research, has been an expert blogger for Symform providing great content on cloud storage. He has offered tips and posed important questions to consider whether you are trying to maintain work or personal files.

Dan knows data is piling up for all of us and has highlighted three scenarios to better handle it. Whether you’re counting your pennies, there was a disaster or you just need to work with your data better; this blog can help you out. Check out the scenarios and start thinking about areas the cloud can resolve your data accumulation issues.

The go-getters of the world often complete tasks themselves, but when it comes to the cloud take some caution before you run your own. Saving money is important, but taking into account energy bills, maintenance, and your time, having others manage your cloud might be the better and less expensive choice. Before deciding to run your own cloud weigh what is best for you to take on yourself and what you should leave to the cloud professionals.

Those of you out there maintaining important family photos, personal files and home videos take a look at Dan’s blog on how to use cloud storage as a personal disaster recovery system. Here you can learn more about what Dan refers to as the freemium limbo and that syncing feeling. They are two important factors to consider when choosing a service. By now there’s an understanding hard drives won’t last forever and you need to know what you are prepared to lose should your device fail, you reach your storage limit or syncing doesn’t work as expected.

If you are someone who takes part in the freemium limbo you probably suffer from cloud sprawl. When trying to avoid the pay walls for cloud service you open an account here and account there and subsequently store files all over the place. If you are limbo fanatic, how do you manage? Have you established a system for storing files in the proper cloud without intermixing?

Dan has additional blogs that will be published here, so keep an eye out and please share his posts and jump in on the conversation.