What I learned from attending CES, Virtually

The Symform team is back in Seattle after a long week at CES 2013 last week in Las Vegas. Even a few days after the show, the buzz around the gadgets and other products keeps going. And while I did not join in the madness myself, I got about as close to being there as you could be without actually physically being there. Let’s just say I experienced CES virtually!

First, it was nearly impossible to keep up with the chatter from the show on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, but I tried, while also following discussions on popular online tech news sources like TechCrunch, CNET and Engadget, among others. I learned about the latest and greatest from the show, as well as the disappointments. While it was fun to hear about the TVs, tablets and waterproof phones (which I will be adding to my wish list), my favorite news during the show was, of course, from Symformers.

At CES, members of the Symform team chatted with two different podcasters about Symform’s peer-to-peer, distributed cloud network. On Wednesday, Margaret Dawson sat down with Techpodcasts, and the next day, the HomeServerShow swung by our booth in the Sustainable Planet area of the Venetian to talk with Mark Romano.

Luckily for me and the rest of the Symform team that was still up in Seattle, both of these shows broadcast live coverage from CES, allowing us to tune in for their talks. Margaret looked like she had a great time talking with Nicholas and Jeffrey from Techpodcasts Live. Unfortunately I have not found it recorded, but I’ll keep a look out for that!

I was especially excited for Mark’s meeting with the HomeServerShow on Thursday, since we’d been chatting with Dave for a few days after one of our mutual followers suggested Dave visit our booth. They asked a lot of great questions, all of which you can see on their YouTube channel!

All in all, it was a great show, even from a far. And from what my colleagues told me about the traffic, lines for food and bathrooms, and the amount of walking they did, I think my “virtual” attendance was the best seat in the house!