Top 5 Comments Heard During Cloud Expo

Nic in Booth at Cloud Expo Santa Clara 2012Last week we were in Santa Clara, California, for the 2012 Cloud Computing Expo. In addition to a great session by Praerit Garg, Symform President & Co-Founder, we had a booth in the expo hall. Over 4 days of booth duty, we met a ton of people, gave away quite a few “Byte Me” t-shirts and Symform anti-stress clouds, and of course answered a lot of questions.

Here are the top 5 comments we received from attendees visiting the Symform booth:

  1. I’ve had this same idea for a long time! This is not a response we have heard much before, but it sure felt good to hear it. We’re glad we aren’t the first people to think that there is a better way to back up files online. We are, however, glad that we were the first ones to build a product using a distributed, crowdsourced architecture.
  2. Wow, that is really cool. When I told one of my friends that Symform is the revolutionary, cool way to back up data he replied: “backup is never cool, no matter how hard you try.” Well that may be true, but the process by which Symform backs up data really is pretty cool and a lot of the people we talked to this week seemed to agree.
  3. That can’t be secure! This is a natural response when we tell people that we are taking their data and spreading it to other customer devices around the world. But when you look at how Symform encrypts, shreds, and geographically distributes files, you’ll realize that our security is far better than the eggshell design of a data center.
  4. How do you make money? On the surface it seems surprising that Symform could make any money, since we allow users to get unlimited free cloud storage when they contribute local drive space to the network at a two-to-one ratio. But you have to remember that even with redundancy, your files only take up about 1.5x their original size in the Symform cloud. We take the difference between the 2x users contribute and the 1.5x they use and store data from users that don’t wish to contribute. Those users choose to pay with Bucks, not Bytes.
  5. So what makes your cloud storage network revolutionary? The is the number one phrase we heard throughout the show. It was likely prompted by our booth backdrop, which says “The Revolutionary Cloud Storage Network” in big bold letters. We obviously love this question because it sets us up to talk about the Symform revolution and how everyone can “Be the Cloud.”

All in all we had a great time in Santa Clara. We are looking forward to seeing all the people we met join the Symform revolution and stop paying dollars for cloud backup and give Bytes instead!