Tools to Get Ready for World Backup Day

We are now more than a week into Spring (for those in the northern hemisphere) and almost to World Backup Day which is celebrated this Sunday, March 31st. In order to get you ready for this day, I want to provide some recommendations for your data backup. While this day comes once a year, it is no excuse to let your backup strategy and plan slide the other days. Here are some resources the Symform team has put together over the months to get your backup strategy running in tip-top shape.

Mason White, Director of Product Marketing:

Mason has written a series Online Data Backup Best Practices which range from understanding how long it will take to initially backup your data to data protection for remote devices. Each piece in the series provides insight into important subjects for having a complete and functional cloud backup solution. I encourage you to sit down and check out his blogs or add it to your list of articles to read over the next week.

Paul Song, Solution and Support Engineer:

Not too long ago Paul wrote about the different levels of protection you can get from your online backup procedures. Maybe you think you have the ultimate solution in place, but take a look at Paul’s suggestions to see if you have the best protection for your files. If you do congrats, now make sure you know how to run a test restore!

Mark Romano, Director of Partner Marketing:

Take a look at the blog posts from Mark around network attached storage devices, aka NAS. After reading this post, I want to buy one myself. A NAS is a powerful piece of technology that can make a difference not only in an office, but in a home wanting easier access to their data and their many gadgets.

As I noted earlier, even though World Backup Day is only one day, these resources and recommendations are still of value as you move through the year. Take them into account now and start thinking about and acting on your complete data protection plan. Finally, if you are not in the northern hemisphere and welcoming Spring, happy Autumn.