The Great Data Center Search Moves to the Mountains

It seems the high desert wasn’t high enough for Gus and Benny, as they have moved from their last location at the windmill farm to massive Mt. Everest, which rises 29,000 feet above sea level. Knowing Mongo Corp’s* data will continue to grow throughout the years, this seems like a great place to store the potentially mountains of digital data!  Unlike the other locations, no one has ever built a data center in the Himalayas, making the location appealing to Benny. Wanting to be on the cutting edge and the first to build a data center in this location, Benny eyes the mountain with optimism.

The Great Data Center Search Goes to T. EverestPessimistic Gus is convinced the high altitude, coupled with the lack of oxygen, is impairing Benny’s thinking. He wishes he could blame all Benny’s lapses in judgment on low oxygen, but he cannot. The three previous locations were appealing because other companies have built data centers in similar areas, but the Himalayas are a completely different story.

Mt. Everest has natural cooling like their first stop in the Arctic and has the open space of the farm land. However, this location is missing power, bandwidth and human accessibility. A great IT team can be hard enough to hire; a team that also climbs mountains on the side will be nearly impossible to find. Gus questions how a data center on Mt. Everest is anywhere near the cutting edge when half the year it will be lost in the snow and ice.

Hopefully our two adventurers will make their way out of this poorly thought-out plan before they get too dizzy from the thin air. Continue to follow along to see if Benny and Gus can finally find their perfect data center location.

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*Any resemblance to actual people or companies is purely coincidental