Synology NAS Users Love Backing Up & Contributing to the Cloud

One of the key benefits of online data backup is the ability to extend on-premise storage to the cloud.  Symform is making that easier and incredibly affordable for network attach storage (NAS) users.  Our first partnership was with QNAP, and we have thousands of QNAP devices on our cloud storage network today, with users backing up data from their NAS devices as well as contributing excess local drive space from their NAS to the Symform cloud.

Just a few weeks ago, we launched with Synology.  And the take up has been incredible. The recently introduced  x86 version of Symform enabled the higher-end Synology NAS devices, which in turn resulted in a massive download spike by Synology customers.  We saw the number of Synology devices on our network increase over 200 percent in October.

And Synology users GET contribution.  On average, Synology devices are contributing more than 500 GB to the Symform network, and we expect that to quickly exceed 1 TB, as we see all users increase contribution as their cloud storage needs increase.

Synology users clearly understand the power of distributed cloud backup and disaster recovery.  In addition to the metrics above, we see this in our chats, emails, and forum comments.  Okay, they also love the price point of Symform:  free!  As long as they contribute twice the amount of local drive space to the amount of cloud storage they want to consume, it’s free.  No limits

From what we’ve seen and heard, customers purchase their Synology NAS devices due to the excellent price point, high performance, clean user interface, and simplicity of setup.   Many Synology users are saying similar things about Symform (here’s some quotes):

  • Symform is incredibly cost effective as compared to traditional data centers for backup
  • Super funky approach. Discovered the service while reviewing a Synology NAS
  • It was a quick setup and very easy to use
  • Best cloud ever…for all your business needs…get it today

A quickly growing community of Synology users have figured out the value of Symform. Why don’t you join them?  If you already have a Synology (or QNAP or NETGEAR) NAS, then you can immediately download Symform and start backing up your NAS data to the Symform cloud. Or, if you are thinking about upgrading your local storage – or finally adding a local storage system beyond your computers’ hard drives, then look at a NAS device.   And then add the most secure, cost effective distributed cloud backup and disaster recovery service.