Symform Receives Strong Product Reviews by Tech Media

Peer-to-peer network, ease of use, and value of FREE cloud backup stressed.

As with any technology, it’s only as good as what the customer perceives it to be, and for an early stage company, getting your product in customer’s hands and understanding what they like and don’t like is critical to success.  If they like it, you hope they will talk about and tell their friends.

Then, there’s product reviews by both official media and more unofficial bloggers, who test your solution and share their results, both good and bad. Not that long ago, reviews were a managed process, where you “shipped” the reviewer your product, did a formal briefing, walked the journalist through set-up and config, etc.  But with so many solutions Web-based now and the ability of anyone to become a “reviewer”, it’s an open field.

Lately, Symform has been getting a great deal of attention among reviewers.  In the past couple of weeks, we’ve had reviews in AddictiveTips, a tech blog focused on helping users find free and simple solutions to everyday problems like data backup; ComputerActive, a tech site giving all kinds of computer advice; and most recently, in PCWorld.

What I appreciate about all three of these reviews is the honesty, simplicity and technical understanding.  These reviewers quickly “got” what Symform does and articulated clearly the economic benefit of joining such a cooperative cloud system for data storage and backup, as well as cautioning readers any potential issues, such as making sure you have enough bandwidth, understanding contribution, etc.

In my opinion, this feedback is critical and helps us constantly re-evaluate our user experience, our packaging and pricing, and our communications.  Our main goal has not changed – to disrupt the cloud storage and backup market with a revolutionary way of storing and securing data online at the lowest price.  But step-by-step reviews and honest evaluations keep us on track and making sure we are giving the customer what they need.