Symform is Visited by the Next Generation of Cloud Engineers

We had a number of young guests join us for the day at the Symform office for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. Symform offered our sons and daughters a variety of roles to learn about; ranging from finance, support, sales, engineering, business development and marketing to learn about. Each department explained its role at Symform and then asked the TODSWDers if they would be interested in that area of work. They were quick to respond, “No!”. We won’t take it too personally; I think they are smart kids with a few more years of recess in them.

As a Symform employee listening to our CEO, CTO and co-founder, and SVP of product development talk about how Symform works was interesting. I really enjoyed their breaking down their technical and managerial roles into terms the TODSWers could understand.

Symform CTO and co-founder Bassam Tabbara> took them through an exercise to explain what Symform is. Starting at the basic idea of the cloud, he took their understanding from “they are made up of water and in the sky” to the way we talk about the cloud at Symform. But I might add 29% of Americans share a similar understanding of the cloud, so we can’t mark them down on their responses. Bassam then moved to show how Symform’s distributed cloud works. By scribbling over a picture with a black marker, ripping it into pieces, handing each kid a piece and having them spread out around the room he explained encryption, shredding and global distribution.

As the kids moved on through their tour at Symform, they stopped to talk with Omri Gazitt, Symform SVP of product development, about engineering. He did an awesome job using Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day as a stage to explain, “Programming is about taking ideas and translating them into something that a computer understands…Programming mostly involves creativity – from figuring out what you want to build, to how you solve the problems that you encounter.” Through demonstrations of simple coding, letting the kids interact with a program and talking about the ease of learning programming languages he gave them a quick introduction to the value of learning to code. Finally Omri played’s video Learn to Code which includes Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Jack Doresey for further support of his message.

All and all it was a fun day around the office with some good laughs like when one kid asked a Symformer, “So why do you have the LITTLE ping pong trophy at your desk?” You may remember we have our pair daily ping-pong players and the little trophy is NOT the one to have.

Thanks to everyone on the Symform team that helped out and took time out of their day to talk about their jobs and get some kids excited about a potential career in the cloud!