Some of my Favorite April Fool’s Day Pranks

Yesterday after a sunny weekend in Seattle it was a little tough to leave the weekend behind, but with the entertainment of some online April Fool’s Day jokes, it wasn’t too hard. In our open office space there were a number of laughs brought about by some well thought-out April 1st news stories. While we didn’t pull any blog pranks this year, we did have one last year, that still gets people.

I do have to admit Sunday night I was confused by an article I saw about Twitter charging for the use of vowels. I couldn’t imagine the hardship of writing without vowels and the added confusion it could cause to already truncated messages. But soon I realized April Fool’s Day had already begun in another time zone and was relieved I could keep my vowels.

Once Monday rolled around I was fully prepared for the interesting stories that would develop through the day and I enjoyed what Spiceworks put together. Varying from a cloud computing infographic (with some interesting stats), to SpiceRex (their dinosaur mascot) eggs for sale, to a fake overdue bill, they had some fun yesterday. Unfortunately, I missed out on purchasing a SpiceRex hatchling for the Symform office as Australians, who beat us to April 1st, purchased all the eggs.

There were some fun stories, products and announcements made yesterday. Some of these products I read comments of people wishing they were true, already wanting to make the purchase. It was good to see some of the creative things people put together. With all the pranks going around did you see TechCrunch leaked images of Apple’s new iWatch?

And thanks to some followers on social media who pointed me in the direction of some great April Fool’s Day news. If you aren’t part of our Google+ Community or Facebook page, join now.