Meet the Geek: Kevin

Kevin (aka K-Dav) joined Symform in April 2011 and has been an important member of the dev team since day one. But the thing that we love most about Kevin is his amazing story-telling. Kevin lived an eventful life before settling down into his professional career. It seems that every day he has a new tale of youthful shenanigans that gets the whole office rolling. We call it “Story Time with K-Dav.” But you won’t hear us repeating any of them: you’ll have to go straight to the source for that. And don’t be surprised if he pleads the 5th.

What is your role at Symform?

I am a Senior Software Engineer – or at least that is what I tell people since we don’t have official titles here at Symform.

What’s the coolest thing about what you do?

I am not necessarily the most creative person, but I love that I get to take someone’s design and turn it into something, so it makes me feel creative through code, and allows me to be a part of the creative process.

What does it mean to you to be a ‘geek’?

I think a geek is someone who is an outsider because of his or her interests, like being incredibly technical, into role-playing or computer / video games. There are all kinds of geeks, and nowadays it’s kind of cool to be a geek, especially because they make so much money! I consider myself a computer geek.

What are your geekiest pursuits?

I work on computers all the time – and not the way you are probably thinking. I collect gold pieces from gold plated computer parts. I chemically remove the gold and melt it down to eventually create a golden egg – I’ve always wanted my own golden egg.

I play a lot of video games as well; at least two hours a night. Right now I am into Call of Duty, but Unreal Tournament is my all time favorite. I really like first person shooter games; first was Doom, then Quake and finally Unreal Tournament – I get hooked on games.

What is the geekiest thing you have done?

It was probably the mullet I rocked while wearing socks and sandals with shorts – a really long mullet!

I also love ceramics – I had a potter’s wheel for a while. In high school I made ceramics that were a bit controversial. One of which was a ‘Smurf Massacre’ where one Smurf is standing, in a pool of “blood” (made from melting red glass), over another Smurf with no head and a cross in his chest – everybody loved it, or at least that’s what they told me.

Smurf Massacre Ceramic by Kevin

You must be into gadgets, what would you say is the best ever?

The iPhone is the best right now. But, before that was the iPod, before that the GPS, before that DVRs, Xbox, Bluetooth headsets, Wi-Fi routers, you get the idea – my favorite changes a lot based on new technologies.

Are you passionate about a particular charity or cause?

Animals. I am a big supporter of the Humane Society, AFPCA, and the Sea Shepherds. Sea Shepherds is the organization on the show Whale Wars. They go out to the Antarctic and stop the killing of whales; I think they are awesome. I wouldn’t go out there, but I like those kinds of groups – ones that are directly involved, not just on the sidelines.

What’s something that may surprise us about you?

Prior to developing software, I was a computer-aided [mechanical] drafter. I worked in several industries designing/drafting everything from furniture to multi-layer ceramic packages to air-operated double-diaphragm pumps. My first real experience as a software developer was working with my friend Paul at Ingram Labs, a web development company he started in his basement (where I also lived). I knew I’d found my calling. I’ve been deep in data and coding ever since.

So that’s Kevin! He and his wife recently had a baby boy, which adds more nurturing topics to our “Story Time with K-Dav.”