Is Your Cloud Storage Green?

I have pulled together a couple blogs Symform has written around green cloud storage for Earth Day 2013. While talk continues around the cloud, green initiatives like clean power and saving energy what are you doing to be green and protect your data? Using the cloud to protect your information brings peace of mind everything will be there when you need it and being green conserves and protects natural resources.

In order to take a proactive approach to your data storage needs and green IT, here are five ways to evaluate if your cloud is green. Usually people are fans of big white fluffy clouds, but in this case plenty of green clouds are ideal. These evaluations require you to look at the hardware powering your cloud and their impact on the environment. Sometimes it can be hard to think there is something that makes up the cloud for storage, but often there is a brick and mortar data center powering the cloud that isn’t energy efficient.

In our next green blog, Tim Clark, a Symform expert blogger, discusses green IT initiatives in his Top Benefits of Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery piece. He brings attention to the cost savings your business will enjoy when you are no longer hosting a server room you have to power. As a company you can lower your carbon footprint by using a cloud storage provider rather than running your own data center. As a business you may feel like you should do everything, but when it comes to the cloud, this isn’t always the case.

There’s a lot you can do as a consumer who is purchasing a cloud solution for yourself of your small business. Simply asking the right questions can help you choose a solution that is both green and will work for your business. Symform offers a distributed storage solution that brings “green” to the environment and your wallet.