Symform Hot Copy Gives You Two Offsite Storage Solutions in One!

Hot Copy is “where it’s at”!  Well, at least it’s where your data could be when you need it restored fast.

While Symform receives great press and feedback on our innovative, cost effective, crowd-sourced architecture to easily back up all of your data, our distributed storage solution isn’t the only great way to protect or recovery your data with us. Sometimes you need to restore your data in minutes not hours or days, and this why we developed the Hot Copy capability.

Hot Copy is your ability to host a secure copy of all the data you’re storing in our Cloud at an on-premise location other than the source location, but one you can get to quickly WITHOUT having to hit a restore button or rely on Internet bandwidth to restore your data and get back to productivity.

Imagine this:  your data is destroyed.  All of your financials, documents and customer data both personal and business are gone, but you were smart enough to store your data using Symform.  Providing there’s Internet bandwidth available in your area to restore your data from our Cloud, you can do this from Symform, and many of our customers do this on a regular basis to test their disaster recovery or get lost data back.  But while you are doing that restore, you may need some of your data faster, like right now!

Your Internet download bandwidth and amount of data being restored determines how fast you can download from the Symform Cloud.  But if you also use Hot Copy with Symform – a built-in service – then you would already have a copy of the data you’re storing in our Cloud simultaneously at your IT service provider’s office, another branch office, or a co-location hosting facility near you.  This would enable you to drive to the Hot Copy location where your data is ready.

If you’re a Partner Reseller of Symform, you can see the value of your ability to get your clients back up and running quickly.  I’ve talked to hundreds of Symform Partners and by far the easiest way to help your clients understand the value in storing their data offsite is the ability for you as their Managed Service Provider to recovery their data in the shortest possible timeframe, while keeping it securely encrypted at a location close to you.

Hot Copy is like getting two offsite storage solutions in one.