The Great Data Center Search Heads Out to Sea

The moment they stepped onto the dock and boarded the boat Gus knew Benny was completely mad moving their data center search to the high seas, but he reluctantly trudged along hoping the ocean air would clear Benny’s mind. Gus dreamed they would be heading to a tropical beach for a well-deserved vacation, thinking a day resting on a sandy oasis would be perfect before going home, having failed to find the right location in their Great Data Center Search! However, all of Gus’ hopes were far from reality with Benny’s vision of the data center Atlantis.

Gus can only shake his head while Benny explains how perfect the ocean is for their data center. The ocean covering 70% of the globe ensures enough space for Mongo Corps* data center needs now and for years to come! Benny knows there is no point going back to land for their data center search when they are floating on all the space they could ever need.

Of course, there’s some critical obstacles, like bandwidth and power. Security, an issue yet to be addressed in Gus and Benny’s journey, wouldn’t be a concern in the middle of the ocean, Benny thinks.

In case you missed their past adventures, you can see where they’ve gone:

Stop #1: The Arctic Circle
Stop #2: The Farm
Stop #3: The High Desert
Stop #4: The Mountains

…but will this be where Mongo Corp* decides to build?

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*Any resemblance to actual people or companies is purely coincidental