My Top 7 Cool Exhibitors at CES 2013

This past week we have been in fabulous Las Vegas for the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. Symform has met hundreds of great people in the Sustainable Planet section, where we exhibited our green backup solution.

When I had time to leave the booth, I made the rounds and explored what is new and cool in tech. It’s a bit overwhelming at CES and practically impossible to see everything, with over 3,100 exhibitors showcasing their latest products on more than 1.85 million square feet of exhibit space. To get the attention of the estimated 153,000 attendees, exhibitors needed to do something unique to rise above the noise (and oh is there noise!)

Here are 7 exhibits that caught my eye and got my attention, in no particular order:
Audi CES Exhibit


The Audi display beckons you from afar, drawing you into the light. It is impossible to ignore and hard to resist. Once inside, you are treated to some pretty sweet cars and a few displays of their newest technology, including a driving simulator that was showing off their new self-driving car. It was so bright inside that I saw people putting on sunglasses.

LG 3D wall CES exhibit


LG had a massive presence at this show, taking up a lot of floor space to show off their array of high-tech home appliances, mobile devices, and a cornucopia of televisions. The entrance to the space is an enormous, curved wall of 3D displays, which is purported to be the world’s largest such installation. Putting on the provided 3D glasses immerses you into a sea of crazy animations to show off the capabilities of the technology.


At one point, when I went outside to get some fresh air, I almost immediately had to stop and watch a crazy demonstration by the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 who were doing a synchronized air dance. I never would have thought I needed something like this, but I’m starting to make up reasons now.

Whirlpool House of Future 2020 CES exhibit


I normally wouldn’t think of the maker of kitchen appliances as a tech innovator, but their CES display of the home of the future definitely caught my eye. The coolest part was the “fireplace” concept, which uses warm light to cook your food right at the table.


Exhibitors don’t necessarily need to have huge, expensive displays in order to stand out. Displair had a very small, simple booth, but there was a large crowd gathered around nonetheless. Watch the video to see why.

United Healthcare and Optum CES 2013 booth

United Healthcare and Optum

These two organizations teamed up at CES to promote their goal of “modernizing the health care system with technologies to help empower consumers and improve patient outcomes.” I was most interested in walking around their cool exhibit with its brick path, grass, and trees.

AwoX CES exhibit


After a long day on my feet I sure could use a rest. The fine folks at AwoX had setup a booth that was simple and calming. The atmosphere and accommodations invited you to come in, sit down, and talk with them about their home A/V solutions and middleware technologies. The coolest product was a recessed light with built in wifi speaker technology.