8 Billion and Counting

Earlier this week Symform passed the 8 billion stored fragment mark. So our rapid rate of growth in 2012 is not subsiding. The Symform virtual data center is storing more data from more customers than ever. And because of our crowdsourced approach to cloud backup, this means that more Symform customers around the world (160+ counties) are storing the small, encrypted fragments that other customers are backing up with Symform.

While we are celebrating 8 billion fragments, we could just as easily celebrate any single one of these fragments. They are Symform’s elemental building blocks. Each one is the result of a block of data being encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption and then being shred. The result is that each fragment is inscrutable and inoperable. If you were to look at one, you could not possibly determine what it contains or even what file types it came from. Each fragment is fairly small – this is part of the design for speed of distribution whether being dispersed to the network for secure storage or on the return trip for data restoration. Each one waits patiently on devices across the world for the call to restore data. Each one needs 63 other fragments from the same data block and the proper encryption key to reconstitute the data.

Hurray to the 8 billion fragments – one and all.