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Our Cloud Storage Advantage

Unlimited Free

Unlimited Free Cloud Storage

Earn free cloud storage by contributing excess local drive space. There is no limit to how much free cloud storage and backup you can earn.

Simply Affordable

Affordable Cloud Storage

Can’t contribute? Pick the cloud storage pricing that works for you and your digital lifestyle. There are no hidden charges for connecting additional devices or drives.

Incredibly Secure

Secure Cloud Storage

Symform’s patented secure cloud storage architecture protects your files through advanced encryption, data redundancy, and uber secure geographical dispersal.

Proven Experience

Symform and Quantum bring together revolutionary cloud technology and over three decades of storage expertise. Learn more.

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Backup All Your Files

Cloud File Storage

Your files are important. We’ll protect them. Install Symform on all of your devices and we’ll make a mirrored copy of your stuff in the cloud. As you add, delete, and update files those changes are made to your cloud copy as well.

Synchronize Devices

Stop worrying about where your stuff is saved. With Symform you can sync your folders across all of your devices. Never email files to yourself or schlep around an external drive again.

Sync files across devices

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iOS cloud backup

Access From Anywhere

At home, at work or while you’re on the go. Symform allows users to access their files and folder from wherever they may roam via web, mobile or local devices.
Available for free at the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Contribute Unused Space

Earn free cloud storage when you allocate unused space on your device for your Symform account. Users that contribute get 1GB free for every 2GB contributed. Contribution can always be fine tuned for your personal needs.

Earn free cloud storage

Restore and Recover

Cloud backup recovery
A backup is only useful if you can restore it. Whether you need to quickly download a single file or recover everything after a drive bites the dust, Symform has got your back.